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Women Helping Women !

Why become a member of the Women's Business Mastermind Group?

Your $300.00/ year membership fee entitles you to the following:

  • Exclusivity - You will be the only one representing your business segment, i.e. One Chiropractor, One Event Planner, One Banker, etc.
  • Be a part of a professional business organization of like minded women with similar needs and goals, encourage and assist one another
  • Expand your professional network and create alliances
  • Grow and develop your business and increase your prosperity
  • Learn about women in various careers and services that you may not of otherwise of known about
  • Reach out into the community at large with educational and charitable projects
  • Help us build a National Network of The Women's Business Mastermind Group

    PLUS ... You will also receive a Member Starter Kit!

Your Obligations to Your Chapter and Its Members

This is very important. Without your commitment to the other members, chapter and to yourself, the organization will not run properly. The WBMG listened to many womens' wants and needs. With careful consideration in all aspects of membership we have formulated fair membership guidelines.

  • Attend all bi-monthly chapter meetings. Attendance, attendance attendance is first and foremost
  • Provide a minimum of one "qualified referral" per month
  • Invite in one new Guest/ Prospective Member (limit 2 visits)
  • Recruit a minimum of one NEW Member to the WBMG-NA during your membership year
  • Abide by all WBMG-NA bylaws set forth herein and any subsequent amendments to said bylaws
  • Maintain a current account with The WBMG-NA fees and chapter meal fees to be paid quarterly in advance. Meal fees are due regardless of attendance.

Member Application           Contact us to receive an application.

All applications undergo review of the Board and its Members. Approval is not based on an application submission only. Full amount is due at time of submission. If you are not approved, the payment will be returned in full.

The criteria for evaluation of an applicant for membership is the following:

  1. Business/Professional category (taken into account exclusivity)
  2. One character and two professional references
  3. Past business experience
  4. Level of commitment and dedication to the chapter
  5. The WBMG-NA does not discrimate based on race, age, religion, nationality or sexual orientation
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